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About Aero-Life Grease Trap Aeration Solutions

Aero-Life SystemsT are high quality, environmentally friendly, engineered waste aeration systems that have been designed to provide optimum performance in food service grease traps or separation tanks between 500 and 5,000 gallons. Customized systems are available for larger, smaller, commercial, or other special applications. Our Aeration Systems are designed to reduce the cost of operation of food service activities by facilitating the natural breakdown of organic material in the kitchen wastewater stream. Our systems are engineered to be low cost and trouble free, with no added electrical or plumbing work required. Our system designs are the proprietary property of Bio-Solutions, LLC, and are protected under law.

Here is "How it Works"

The Aero-Life SystemsT utilize the simple natural process of aeration to transform a waste system designed only for the separation and removal of waste materials, into a system designed to break down and eliminate waste at it's source.



Normal Grease Trap Operation

Grease traps are designed only to separate;

  • Grease
  • Oil
  • Solids from the kitchen wastewater stream.

normal grease trap operation

Conditions inside most grease traps have several things in common:

  1. The level of dissolved oxygen within the traps is very, very low. Resulting in:
    • Very slow acting anaerobic metabolic activity
    • The ineffectiveness of aerobic microorganisms and enzymes injected into the system to breakdown the waste materials.
  2. The ph in most traps is very low (acidic).
    • A byproduct of anaerobic metabolism.
  3. The bio availability of organic material is low.
    • A result of the natural separation of material within the trap.
  4. Strong unpleasant odors.
    • Another result of the anaerobic conditions.

The ongoing costs associated with this "normal grease trap operation" include:

  • Pumping costs, to clean the trap on a regular periodic basis.
  • Sur-charges are accessed by the city for release of excess organic material into the sewer system.
  • Dirty traps create drain blockages and backups in the kitchen. Back-ups cost time and money to fix.
  • Grease traps smell awful, customers and employees may be wary of such unpleasant smells.


The Aero-Life Grease Trap

By putting a continuous flow of fresh oxygen into the trap, conditions change dramatically.

  • Natural aerobic organisms begin to thrive
  • The metabolic breakdown of organic materials proceeds very rapidly.
  • As anaerobic activity ceases, foul odors and acidic conditions are reduced, pH is normalized.

aeration cleans and clarifies wastewater


The turbulence created by the aeration in the first chamber;

  • Keep the contents mixed and available for digestion.
  • Helps to break food into small particles
  • Mixes dissolved oxygen and food to enhance the natural processes.

The results are clear

  • Surcharge costs are reduced. Wastewater entering the sewer is cleaner, putting less burden on the municipal system.
  • Pumping costs are reduced. The need to pump is reduced.
  • Plumbing maintenance costs are reduced. Blockages and back-ups resulting from full traps are avoided.
  • Customers and staff are happier. Foul smells are reduced.


Scientific Basis Paper

Scientific Basis Statement


Our system designs are the proprietary property of Bio-Solutions, LLC, and are protected under law.